Adventures with Mark Vol3

Lockdown fun, work, family and staying focused…

Another lockdown week started with a days work in Seahouses, Northumberland, overlooking the stunning Farnes Islands, sadly no seal diving on this trip. I picked up a new dive lift for my dive boat and headed back home. We started the installation of the lift , thankfully just before the massive dump of snow that we had across South Wales.
Each day I try to get out and get my 10,000steps in, its a way of staying fit and keeping focused.
I spent a day doing some DIY, stripping out an old mouldy shower ready for a new one to be installed. I also enjoyed a day out doing winter skills, albeit building a snowman and throwing snowballs instead of snow-holing and ice axe arrests! And more home-schooling. All in all a good week despite the lockdown.

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