Adventures with Mark Vol4

Vlog 25th to 31st Jan 21

Mountain hiking week-tastic! Walking each day around our base gets me into Cilfynydd Mountain, Cefn Eglwysilan and the Taff Trail. Lovely walking getting the legs and legs pumping… Back working on Scavenger dive boat finished off the installation of the dive lift frame and that’s looking pretty epic.

In addition to this we removed the gantry for the winch which had seized in place, and doesn’t get used by me, so I felt that removing it was the better option as I can utilise the space more for diving. We also started painting the boat, in an attempt to ensure that she continues holding up to the severe weather conditions of living at sea.

It was also my birthday so I got spoilt and had some great family time!

I ended the week with a hike up Fan Brycheiniog which is the highest peak at a height of 802.5 metres (2,633 ft) (above sea level) in the Black Mountain for some continuous professional development – clearly I can’t do this work from home. Another week living through lockdown.

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