Wreck Hunting Payoff!

Well what a week, it started with the hunt for an elusive wreck.. the marks we had took us to a reef but we’ve not been able to find the wreck.

Today a group of like minded friends headed out a couple of hours with a mission to find the wreck.

We shot the location and then dived on slack. Thirty five minutes into the dive a prearranged marker hit the surface to mark the stern of the wreck! We were buzzing!

On the boat the support team of friends got excited as well and a blast from the horn accompanied that.

Five minutes later another prearranged marker buoy hit the surface marking the other end of the wreck!

The wreck has now been clearly marked and explored. Lots of great stuff to see and imagine what it was like years ago.

Dive times ranged from 70mins to 135mins! But it was worth the deco!

We then headed into Watwick Bay for a couple hours of paddle boarding before having a chilled out evening with friends.

Enjoying a fab first day of the bank holiday weekend!

Hope you have a great weekend guys.

If you’re interested in developing your diving skills, please get in touch with me or check out my courses.

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