Wreck Hunting Pembrokeshire…

Today a small group of friends headed out on Scavenger Dive Boat to search for an elusive wreck!

We got the slack forecast spot on, dropped a shot on the mark and waited for the slack to arrive. Within 20mins it was slack and in we went.

Diving down to nearly 40mtr, the current was pulling a little bit and eased off during the first few minutes. On reaching the seabed we fanned out and began our exploration. Myself and Adam headed out searching some gully’s, after 25minutes we’d located nothing so we headed for the surface. I was on open circuit so I had 10minutes of deco, Adam had none on his ccr.

Once back on the boat we found out that Ray hadn’t found it either, but Martin had found the wreck, but only once he’d had 10mins of deco himself. He reckoned it was about 10mins from the shot in a certain direction. So we had a surface interval and dropped back in.

Adam and I followed the directions as we thought they were, but after nearly 30mins had found nothing. I had 30mins of deco and Adam had about 5mins.

When we surfaced, Ray again, the same as myself, hadn’t located it.

Slightly despondent at not finding the wreck, the reefs we’d explored did provide a couple of good dives, but not the elusive wreck.

We’re regrouping and we’re going to try again possibly on the weekend.

Wreck hunting is great, although sometimes can be tedious lol. The wreck isn’t visible on the side scan as it’s in the midst of a reef, so blends in.

A great day at sea with friends. The evening was spent back home enjoying cakes from my mothers Breast Cancer awareness tea party.

Hope your days been good! Catch you soon!

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