I am passionate about all things adventure and this has led me to provide professional and effective adventure training and pass on my skills to fellow adventure seekers. I provide scuba diving training, ice diving training and mountaineering training from my base in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. I want to help you achieve any dreams of adventure that you may have! You can book onto one of my fantastic courses here!

Ever dreamt of learning to scuba dive off the coast of the UK? Or want to learn ice diving with the UK’s leading provider of ice diver courses? Then look no further than Mark Lewis.

My fully accredited scuba diving course will take you through every step of the way and is suitable for both beginners and more advanced divers. I also run boat trips off the coast of Pembrokeshire as part of a scuba diving boat club, which will allow members to dive off my Scavenger dive boat. You can put all your diving skills into practice along the beautiful and scenic Pembrokeshire and South West Wales coast.

I am also proud to run the UK’s premier ice diving course! This amazing and exhilarating course is ran out of Loch Insh in Scotland in order to guarantee the best conditions for ice diving in the UK – contact me today for more information about the course.

By taking part in one of my adventure or scuba diving courses, you will not only receive one of the most adrenaline rushes of your life – but you always learn vital life skills that you will never forget.

If one of our adventure and diving courses sounds like something of interest to you, visit our course booking page today and secure your place!

Alongside my diving courses, I also run first aid training courses for businesses across the whole of the UK. First aid is a basic skill that will ensure confidence and increase bonds within your workforce following the training. Contact me today for more information about my first aid training courses and how I can help your employees.

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